Eventbrite - SW Florida Tiny House Expo


Hello everyone.  My name is Leslie Long and my fiance is Sam Fite.  We are in the process of downsizing to reduce our debt in preparation for our retirement in 10 years.  We have been doing research for a couple of years now and visited many tiny home shows and tiny home manufacturers.  We live in the Heart of the state (actually the Heart of Peace River) in Bowling Green, Florida and there are many people here and further South that are interested in building smaller.  I love Tiny Homes On Wheels (T.H.O.W) but don’t believe I can ever be able to talk Sam into one that small (but I’m not giving up 🙂 )  So, we have compromised on a much smaller house instead of the one we currently live in.

WE ARE A CHARITABLE EVENT and will be donating to organizations that are near to our hearts.  I (Leslie) will be donating to Habitat for Humanity of Hardee County to help build a house here in our town. We have a crucial need for affordable housing and I am the Executive Director for the local affiliate and it is my passion.  Sam is a former EMT/Firefighter so we will also be donating to our local First Responders by purchasing defibrillators for all of the police cars in Bowling Green.

In the process of researching and looking for shows closer to home, we quickly figured out there are none.  The closest is 4 hours North.  Because I have a background in events, having been a meeting planner and Event Director for many years,  I decided we could host one here – in the center of the state of Florida.  We have a beautiful park that is perfect as the venue for the SW Florida Tiny House Expo.  We chose Hardee Lakes Park  because it has more than 1200 acres with 4 lakes so there is space for camping in addition to the expo itself, and room for future growth.

It costs a lot of money to host an event like this and we look for SPONSORS to offset expenses.  I applaud everyone who takes it on and is successful.  It is not a great money maker and we are not in competition with any other events. We just want to share information and ideas with like-minded individuals to create a more sustainable way of life in order to reduce our carbon footprint.  Someone once said “we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors – we borrow it from our children.”  I would like to leave as much of it intact as I can for our children and future generations to enjoy.

We are really just trying to bring the experts in the industry together so that people can brainstorm together and learn from each other.  It’s more than just tiny homes….it’s a sustainable lifestyle in order to reduce our carbon footprint.  I’m really excited about the strides they are making in the solar industry and my hope is to have a 100% solar home one day.